Social Impact

Our goal is to bridge the gap between the latest AI advancements and societal challenges.

We encourage fellows to bring their own problem areas to work on, and support them with unparalleled access to key resources, world-class mentorship and the corporate relationships to help implement programs.  

  • Fund high-risk applied research programs aimed to solve specific practical problems in government, energy, agriculture and other field
  • Fix the shortage of AI practitioners undertaking projects that leverage the power of AI to generate socially impactful results
  • Create relationships with corporate partners that have the scale and existing consumer relationships necessary for at-scale deployment
  • Contribute to the creation of open-source tools that will further accelerate the development of AI algorithms and solutions. 

Corporate Partnerships

Established corporations are a crucial component in realizing the vision of AI for good, given their ability to collect valuable data and analyze it effectively to uncover unique insights. They, however, face difficult challenges in attempting to realize the value of AI due to a high risk aversion and limitations in undertaking social good initiatives, and their struggles in attracting and retaining top-tier AI talent.


Focus Areas


Responsive government

Improve government delivery of public services in public safety, civic engagement, education, procurement, taxation, without compromising citizen rights and privacy.


Sustainable development

Sustainable land use and combat ille­gal logging and poaching.



Increase green energy output and improve the efficiency of power delivery.