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Upload your unlabeled images and use AI to help you quickly create powerful image classification models specifically for your data. Combining human visual pattern recognition with AI's power to process huge datasets, makes novel applications

Tech talk will be followed by unconference-style discussions.



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August 9 / 6pm - 8:30pm
Google Developers Launchpad Space
301 Howard St 4th Floor
San Francisco

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Tech Talk

6:00pm - 7:00pm 

While many organizations have amassed large collections of unlabeled image data, they often lack the machine learning expertise required to turn this data into useful knowledge and applications.  

For example in the insurance industry, adjusters have photos of cars damaged in accidents; these images, however, are not helping prevent future accidents or helping catch insurance fraud.  Another example is in discrete manufacturing. Production lines are often equipped with cameras, but it can be challenging to infer quality or safety problems from the captured images or video. 


7:00pm - 8:30pm

Breakout teams will hold in-depth discussions about how to apply ML to specific industry use cases and applications.

Parallel tracks will be available for anyone that wants to bring along a problem or a dataset to discuss. 

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